Best practices and work flows utilizing industry leading tool sets MFC Studio uses top of the line software and hardware to provide the high quality and efficient productions. Here is a small list of the software and hardware used.

  • Adobe CC
  • Red Giant and Video Copilot Premiere and After Effects Plug ins
  • Cinema 4D with Gray-Scale Gorilla plug-ins
  • Black Magic Cinema Camera - Video Production
  • Canon 5D Mark III - Video and Photography


Are you uncertain of what to purchase, implement, or how to ensure you have maximized the expenditure / results ratio? MFC Studio has a proven track record of implementing traditional solution that have remain foundation for many years. We also have a proven track record of implementing new technologies that are now major players in the production/design sector. MFC Studio is fully capable of consulting on software and hardware procurement with the addition of how these new procurements should be inter-connected. Each business case is unique in some capacity. We can assist you in meeting your requirements without running into technological dead-ends.

  • Software (Design, Web, Production)
  • Production equipment, storage solution, hosted solutions
  • Design work flow
  • Marketing Strategy

Custom PC Build

If you are serious about bringing production into your organization, a cornerstone to design development is going to be your machine. You can purchase video/design editing machine from a number of vendors with a price point of around $5k - $6K. MFC builds their own machines at a fraction of the cost. A typical MFC Studio machine will run $3k - $4k. This is not an integral part of our business. But, we are willing to share the experience and lessons learned so you do not have to. Phone consults are welcome. We only use top end vendors. ASUS, NVidia, Samsung, Corsair, and Intel to list a few.



What would any of us be without a soul. If you are a non-profit and have happened upon our humble website, know that we are there for you. MFC Studio is always willing to assist non-profits in anyway we can. If you have a need call us and let us see what we can do to get your message out and strengthen your mission.